No Home

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No Home took place in Improper Walls on Friday, June 29th. The performance was connected to Linda Steiner’s Auf Augenhöhe exhibition, which consists of portraits made to homeless people (and is amazing!). Therefore, the topic of the performance was homelessness.

This is what I said about it for the Facebook event:

NO HOME is a reflection on the structural roots of homelessness. Inspired by the tradition of the didactic conferences popular at the beginning of last century, it uses contemporary narrative tools & devices to try to make a point. At the end, it is up to the audience to consider if that point makes any sense.

The performance combined a lecture performance format (you can find the presentation here) with a second part which was a role playing game called «Roofs & Luck».

The game is pretty easy, you can play with friends (you will need to be 5 players and one game master). The story is pretty basic now because of the time constrains of the performance (I don’t want to bore anyone!) but you can add more complexity to it by inventing new storylines. The starter pack consists of:

-Three six sided dices and two twenty sided dices.
-A Master Script
-Character Sheets

You can find everything you need to play (but the dices) here!

You can find some pictures of the performance below:

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